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Dr. Brutus has made a variety of resources available to his patients, including reliable and credible medical information in audio and visual formats. These resources are presented clearly and simply in layman’s terms and are available for free to help those suffering from hand pain on their road to recovery.

Dr. Brutus is a passionate expert who has specialized in minimally invasive surgical techniques for more than 20 years. He has been quoted numerous times in the media and invited to speak by multiple associations thanks to his recognized expertise.

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Everything you need to know to identify and treat Lacertus syndrome. Written in clear and simple language by hand surgeon Dr. Jean-Paul Brutus, this e-guide identifies the causes, symptoms, and different ways to treat Dupuytren’s contracture and offers recommendations on how to ease your symptoms at home.

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Why isn’t lacertus syndrome very well known?

Lacertus syndrome is a common hand condition but one that many doctors and the general public don’t know a lot about. Lacertus syndrome symptoms are very similar to those of carpal tunnel syndrome, which means it is often overlooked or diagnosed at later stages.

What is the difference between lacertus syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome?

Lacertus syndrome is the compression of the median nerve just past the elbow joint under a sheet of ligamentous tissue called the lacertus fibrosus. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression of the same nerve, but in the wrist. Both conditions sometimes occur at the same time, which is known as double crush syndrome.

What are the symptoms of lacertus syndrome?

Lacertus syndrome causes both sensory and motor symptoms. These include numbness, forearm pain that can move to the elbow, and a loss of feeling, strength, and dexterity.

How is lacertus syndrome diagnosed?

Lacertus syndrome is diagnosed by asking patients questions and examining the entire arm, not just the wrist. The scratch collapse test is a little-known but very useful test for confirming the diagnosis.

How is lacertus syndrome treated?

Lacertus syndrome is treated surgically. The procedure involves making a small incision in the lacertus fibrosus where the elbow naturally creases. It is now performed on patients while they are fully awake using the wide-awake local anesthesia no tourniquet (WALANT) technique.

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